Start Your Day with 3 Marketing Tasks
When you first get to work each day, you want to get at least three marketing tasks out of the way right up front. The reason you want to do that is that when you start earning money daily, you’re going to grow your business faster, and you’re going to expand your freedom faster because you’ll start realizing that you can outsource, and delegate more than you may initially think when you’re struggling to make money. 
Stops Feast or Famine
The idea is to get out of the feast or famine mode and into the habit of making a regular income that you can count on. More offers always equal more money if you have done a good job identifying your audience and the solutions that they need. From the list you made before, you should pick three important marketing tasks to do each day. Look at the list in the evening, then transfer three marketing tasks to your “to-do” list for tomorrow and put them right at the top.
Keeps You Going in the Right Direction
The good thing about doing this is that even if the rest of the day goes wrong, you’ll have done three marketing tasks that are designed to increase your income. More income means more freedom. More freedom will enable you to make more income. It’s really that simple. It might not seem like it yet, but you really can, as you build your list and build your business, give yourself a raise whenever you want it by simply making a paid offer to your audience every day.
Ensures You Earn Money Daily
Make no mistake, you will have to build your list to make money, but when you send out offers every day that provide a solution to your audience, you will make more sales. It’s just a numbers game when you think about it. It is true that you need to have a good product or service, but it really is a math equation that works. Make offers every day and make more money every day.
Marketing Makes Money 
So many business owners tend to shy away from marketing, but without marketing, you don’t have a business. You cannot “build it, and they will come.” You must inform your audience that you exist, why you exist, and you must show them how you can make their lives better with your solutions. Cutting marketing is always a mistake. 
Market More
In fact, you should be marketing more than you do anything else. Most experts say that all businesses need to focus 80 percent of their resources (time and money) on marketing to be successful. While you may not be able to do that at first due to needing time to create products and find products for your audience, it should be a goal that you strive toward as you earn more money and your business grows.
No matter what tasks you choose to put on the rest of the list, add at least three marketing tasks each day to the top of your to-do list so that you can build your business faster. It seems so simple, but so many business owners are afraid of marketing that they often skip this very important step in favor of other types of work so that they feel busy. But you don’t need to be busy to earn money. You need to make offers that earn money.


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