The Power of Focusing on Thing at a Time
Sometimes when people start a business, in their excitement to make it, they bite off a little more than they can chew. This ends up causing serious overwhelm and is one of many reasons that people who want to start a business from home online tend not to make it. It’s not because it’s impossible, but because it’s so possible and you can do it in so many ways that it’s easy to get sidelined by “bright shiny object syndrome” and try to do everything at once.
Unfortunately, doing too much at once is usually not a recipe for success. Studies have shown that people cannot really multitask even if they think they are doing it. We all are not good at it despite what we tell ourselves. Therefore, if you pay attention to the studies, and you really want to be successful, you can create leverage by focusing on one thing at a time. Once you get the ball rolling and you’re earning money, it’s easier to branch out and do more, but make sure the one thing is in place and creating success before moving on to the next thing.
When it comes to marketing channels online, there are so many platforms you can use to get the word out about your products and or services. However, as just one person, it’s really going to be hard for you to do all of it and do all of it well. Instead, while you should set up accounts to get the right name for all social media platforms that your audience uses, you probably should not try to use each one fully every single day because you’ll spread yourself too thin.
Pick one marketing channel on which to get the ball rolling. You’ll create a snowball effect that will start paying off effortlessly eventually. Then at that point, you can move on to another marketing channel where you place your focus until it also is running almost on autopilot. 
Let’s look at a few marketing channels that you may want to choose to focus on.
  • Email Marketing – When you focus on email marketing, you’ll be focused on building your list, nurturing your list, and making more sales to your email list. This may consist of creating content for email messages, content, and bonuses to build the list and other actions. Focusing on email marketing over everything else is almost a no-brainer since it’s the most profitable form of marketing that exists today.
  • Social Media Marketing – Using any social platform to market your services or products is social media marketing, whether you pay for ads or use content to get the word out. There are many platforms to choose from. It might help to choose the most popular to start with, build up that channel, then the other channels will grow almost on automatic once you announce them.
  • Content Marketing – Using content to get the word out, to educate, inform, engage, and build your brand is a time-honored way to get more traffic and find leads and make more sales. Content may go on your website, social media sites, and in email. Sometimes content marketing focuses on using SEO to bring in traffic. Maybe you need to spend time ensuring you have enough of the right type of content on your site before you do the other channels.
  • Affiliate Marketing – Once you have even one signature product or service to sell, starting an affiliate marketing program is a great way to duplicate yourself so that you can make more sales effortlessly. The affiliate is incentivized with a commission as well as awesome and effective marketing collateral that you create for them to use.
The marketing channels you choose depend on what your goals are. Do you want more brand awareness, leads, or sales? Maybe you just want more general traffic generation, or you want to educate your customers. Whatever your goal is will define the channel more clearly. Another factor in choosing the right channel will be your budget. 
Also, within the marketing channel, you may want to pick just one thing – for example, with social media marketing, there are numerous avenues to go with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and so forth. 
You may want to choose just one of those as well to focus on until you build up that platform then move on to the next. The main thing is, don’t stretch yourself too thin as you’re building your business. Outsource as soon as you can so that you can duplicate yourself and focus on more than one thing at a time.


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