Supercharge Your Smart Marketing Habits by Stacking Them

Supercharge Your Smart Marketing Habits by Stacking Them
As you learn about all the smart marketing habits that you can do each day that will boost your business income, understand that all these marketing habits work together. When you stack the smart marketing habits you learn about together, you’ll increase your results exponentially. For example, each marketing task doesn’t really live on an island alone, it works in conjunction with another marketing task. 
Let’s look at how all this works together:
Marketing Collateral and What to Stack
  • Product Sales Page – If you already have a sales page, you can always work on improving as you go. One thing to think about is what content will be needed to give someone a reason to click through to the sales page? What are some of the ways you can tweak it and improve? As you learn, try changing just one small thing at a time on a duplicate and run split testing to see if you can improve your ROI. 
  • Lead Magnet Landing Page – If you are promoting a lead magnet to build your list and market the main product, what type of content will link to this lead magnet page? Once you create the page, you must market the page. Try promoting on social media, in email messages, and in blog posts. Plus add a pop up to your website promoting the lead magnet. 
  • Educational Blog Posts – When you take the time to write and publish blog posts to help your SEO and to bring more traffic while educating and engaging your audience, think about how that post affects other aspects of your business and the ways you might get more eyes on it. Then do it. 
  • Social Media Blurbs & Posts – If you are posting social media blurbs, they need to have a reason for existing. Are they going to link to the lead magnet page or a blog post or the sales page? Why? How can you make it more exciting? Maybe you do a serious of “live” tips on your FB page and then turn them into ads to get more eyes and clicks.
  • YouTube Videos – When you make a YouTube video for something, what is the purpose? If you are making a video with the intent that people will click a link, you’ll have to ensure you speak the call to action, plus use text overlay to emphasize the CTA. Then you’ll have to market the video to everyone via your blog, social media, email, and perhaps FB ads.
  • Live Facebook Videos – One method of getting attention today is to “Go Live” on Facebook. Try doing “Tuesday Tips” or daily live Q & A before, during, and after any launch effort. After the recording, you can download, edit, and upload to YouTube, or you can promote the video on FB to get more eyes on it.
  • Facebook Remarketing Ad – One very simple thing you can do right now is to go to Facebook and grab your pixel and put it on your site. Then whenever you are running a launch, run remarketing ads to the people who have visited your site but did not buy anything. 

Get in the Habit of Exploring New Marketing Channels Regularly

Get in the Habit of Exploring New Marketing Channels Regularly
As you build your business and grow your income, you will also want to keep your toes wet exploring new marketing channels regularly. You never know when Facebook or Twitter will completely change and become unusable to you. 
Keeping your toes in other marketing channels can help you ensure that you are ready for changes as they come. Plus, you never know when you’ll stumble on something highly effective or generate some evergreen marketing content that will serve you for years to come.
  • Learn About Facebook Ads – Numerous courses can help you learn more about Facebook Ads in general. However, you may want to try out Facebook ads by hiring someone to do it for you. That’s just as legit as learning it yourself. 
  • Test Remarketing / Retargeting Ads – This type of advertisement is an easier one to do without as much expertise. You simply follow instructions given to you by the platform you’re running the retargeting or remarketing ads to, and you’re in business. 
  • Try a New Pinterest Strategy – Substitute Pinterest for any other social media platform. Whether it’s or Pinterest or something else, there is always something, some little tweak, or something that you can do to improve. 
  • Launch a New YouTube Channel – All you need to start a YouTube channel is some videos. You can make videos by recording your screen, or by using PowerPoint, it’s up to you. Create short tip videos and publish them on YouTube. 
  • Discover What’s New – Niches grow and change, so it’s imperative that you stay informed. Get industry magazines and publications and at least read the headlines each day. That way, you will stay up to date on everything new and relevant. This ensures you stay ahead of any killer technologies that might change your industry.
  • Try a New Blog Format – Do you normally use a particular format for your blog posts such as lists? If you do, try changing to a new format for different posts. You may want to do more guides, or how to posts, or reviews. 
  • Try Going to Live Events – Many online marketers forget that live events are a great place to meet new connections and to market your products and services. Try going to events, then try some sponsorships to find out if it helps you get more business. 
  • Learn More About SEO – Search engine optimization updates and changes all the time as search engine technology changes. The job of a search engine is to deliver relevant content to their customers. Your job is to figure out how to get noticed using SEO.
  • Experiment with Video – Video gets shared more than text, and it has a better chance of going viral. Try making more videos to use along with your text content to find out if your audience will also respond to video. 
  • Try Adding Webinars or “Live” Facebook Shows – If you don’t do webinars yet, it’s something you may want to consider trying as part of the entry point of your funnel. Webinars are also fun, and the technology isn’t hard today with software that’s inexpensive like 
  • Consider Testing Influencers – An influencer is someone who speaks to your audience and makes a difference in their lives. Find five small channel influencers and give them a deal to talk about or review your products and services. 
  • Try a New Type of Lead Magnet – How long have you used the same lead magnet if you have one? Consider exploring alternative lead magnets that may get even more leads for you.
Some marketing and business experts claim that you should try to spend about 5 percent of your time exploring “shiny objects” and no more. For this reason, when you do set out to explore other marketing channels, do it with intention. Don’t blindly start looking into a little of this and a little of that, instead, intentionally spend five percent of your time formally learning about a new marketing channel or idea that you can implement and test. 

Why Outsourcing Certain Marketing Tasks Can Be to Your Advantage

Why Outsourcing Certain Marketing Tasks Can Be to Your Advantage
No CEO or CFO does all the work in the business. For some reason, people who start a home business often seem to think they have to do everything. Sometimes it’s a control issue, but sometimes it’s just not realizing how advantageous outsourcing can be for your business. Let’s talk about the ways that outsourcing some of your marketing tasks can be an advantage for you.
You Can’t Do Everything 
You are probably very good at something, but no one person is so well rounded that they can always be everything to everyone. Consider all the skills you need in order to be successful in marketing. You need to be a good copywriter, a good graphic designer, and maybe you even need to understand the complicated landing page software you’re trying to use, and then some.
Experts Have Amazing New Tools
You are probably well versed in the tools available for your particular niche. But unless your niche is marketing, you may not have access to the best tools for marketing. Outsourcing to a company or marketing expert will usually mean you end up having access to these amazing tools that you don’t know how to use.
The Experts Use Best Practices
You don’t know what the best practices are for that type of marketing yet because you’re not the expert. But the expert knows and can guide you toward doing the best thing in any given circumstance. 
They Know More Than You
An expert knows more than you about the topic they’re an expert in. That’s why you want to hire them and work with them. A good example is using Facebook or Google Ads to promote your business. If you try to do it yourself without the right knowledge, you’ll end up wasting money. If you hire someone who already knows, you will not waste your money.
Get More Time
Everyone is born on this earth with the same 24-hour days. However, you can get more time in your day simply by outsourcing something that you don’t know how to do, don’t want to learn how to do, and don’t have time to do. 
You’ll Save Money
That might seem crazy to think about but paying an expert will save you both time and money because they know what they’re doing. If it takes them 15 minutes to do something that you would have to spend an hour learning, and then another hour attempting, that’s the time you could be spending on what you do know.
Avoid Bottlenecks
One aspect of business that often stops people, especially when they’re trying to do it all themselves, is bottlenecks. What is often the bottleneck in any organization is the leader. If you’re stubbornly holding things up because you feel you must do it yourself, it’s going to be hard to succeed. You can, but it’ll be much slower than if you got help.
Bringing smart people on to your team as contractors is an excellent way to leverage the skills and education of others. Sure, you do pay money for that, but you will save both time and money by doing it because you free up your time to do the things you are an expert at doing, which will enable you to earn more money to cover the cost of outsourcing.

Combining Smart Marketing Habits into a Solid Launch Routine

Combining Smart Marketing Habits into a Solid Launch Routine
Developing smart marketing habits is also going to help you with every launch you have. If you’re not sure, a launch refers to the first time you open your newest product for sale. It’s often referred to as a product launch. In many ways, the entire launch process is all part of the marketing process because the launch process ensures that you are using smart marketing techniques to get the word out about your newest product or service. 
Routines Are Habits for Success
Your launches can become extremely successful if you create a solid launch routine based on smart marketing habits. It can help to make a checklist of all the things you need to do during any product launch so that you don’t miss steps. Keep in mind that you can change this as you go but having a master list of actions you take during a launch as it relates to marketing will pay off by boosting your bottom line.
For example, if you know that every time you create a blog post, you’re also going to make several social media images, and several blurbs, repurpose the blog to create a YouTube video or Podcast, and broadcast the blog post to your email list, then doing all of that is going to turn it all into a habit. When you have a habit, you can’t stop doing it. This is a habit that will pay off. Having a routine keeps you from missing steps.
Your Audience Matters
Your routine will depend on the research you’ve done into your audience. That is going to inform you about what social media platforms you need to post blurbs and memes on so that you ensure your audience sees your content. If you make a checklist for each action you do, the process will be a lot more memorable and easier to accomplish.
The Four P’s of Marketing
As you develop your routine, ensure that you cover all four P’s of Marketing: product, price, place, and promotion. When you understand your product, the distribution channels you’re going to use to get the word out, and how you’ll promote your products each time, you won’t miss anything. What’s more, each time you launch, your process is going to improve because you can change things as you gather the data relevant to each launch. When you see that something does not work for your audience, toss it out. When you see that something works good for your audience, do more of it.
One of the most important things you can ever do for your business is to develop routines surrounding the work you have to do. Systems and processes can make up for lack of manpower and even knowledge. It’s all about following the steps, developing good habits, and realizing you do not have to reinvent the wheel until you get to the end. When you do that, you will succeed in marketing and launching.

Smart Online Marketers Never Stop Learning and Trying New Ideas

Smart Online Marketers Never Stop Learning and Trying New Ideas
With everything that you do, you may think it’s nuts to spend time learning, but if you want to be successful, it’s imperative that you never stop learning and trying new ideas in your business. The trick is not to get sidetracked with your learning but to plan what you need and want to learn that will help you in your business. Also remember, sometimes you just need to choose to outsource over learning because you cannot and should not do everything.
Take a Course on 
There are numerous well-made marketing courses on that you can take relatively inexpensively. Look for courses with a lot of reviews, and you’ll be sure to find the right one that works for you. The courses at Udemy are also often less expensive. In most cases, the courses are also put together well due to their requirements for each course.
Take a College Course
Numerous colleges are now offering degrees in online marketing. It cannot hurt to take any of these courses. Although you certainly do not need a degree to run your business, anything you can learn to help advance your business is a good thing. Many courses can be taken online now, even if it’s a state school.
Get a Coach
Sometimes you don’t want to take a course, you just want someone who has been there to guide you, and that is where a coach can come in. Screen the coaches by ensuring that sans education they have experience in the type of business you want to have. Coaches are awesome shortcuts to success because usually, you’re simply following in the footsteps doing exactly what you know works.
Find an Individual Course
You may know movers and shakers in your industry. If they have a course, you may want to take that. If they show a marketing technique that you can use and implement for your business, it’s worth it. Even when you are planning to outsource, remember, you can also buy courses for your contractors if they want to learn.
Devote Time to Test New Marketing Techniques
Because you should always be marketing, it makes total sense that you should also always be studying marketing. Even if you plan to outsource particular tasks, having an understanding of the technique can help you locate the right contractors too. Testing out new marketing techniques at least monthly is a great way to learn new things.
It’s imperative that you explore new marketing techniques, keep yourself up to date on your industry, and focus more of your efforts on marketing and trying marketing ideas than almost anything else that you do. In fact, if you want to be successful, about 80 percent of your effort should be spent on marketing.

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