The 5 Best Tech Tools for Scaling Your Business
You’ll face many challenges when scaling your business. One of the greatest sources of help is automation. Here are some of the tech tools available to make scaling your business easier and more successful. 
Customer Relationship Management

A CRM (customer relationship management) system is essential for any business that wants to scale. As you grow, you need to make sure you’re still offering a great customer experience, and your CRM helps you do this.

CRM programs like the one I use AttractWell, or others like Zendesk, HubSpot, and Salesforce help you manage every aspect of client interactions. The main function they offer is tracking all interactions and data about clients so you can analyze and refer to that information whenever you need it.

These programs also offer a variety of extra features that help you with marketing, analytics, and lead generation. 
Automated Accounting

One of the major reasons businesses fail to scale is poor cash flow. Up until now, you’ve been able to manage your accounting on your own, as your needs haven’t been very complex. But when you grow rapidly, you’ll need to upgrade.

Many businesses choose to hire an accountant or outsource to a virtual finance professional. But you can also use accounting software programs to help you track profits, budget, and funding. QuickBooks and Wave are two highly regarded accounting programs that offer a wealth of features. 
Content Creation Tools

Content creation takes a great deal of time, so it’s helpful to use tools that will streamline the process. Programs like Grammarly help you edit your work and offer ideas for improving your copy. 

You’ll also need tools to help manage content. A great simple and free tool for this is Google Docs, which allows you to save content in one place where all team members can access it and edit. 

For your visual content needs, you should invest in a product like Canva or Adobe Photoshop that make creating and editing visual content easier.  
Communication Tools to Keep Your Team on Track

As you grow your team, there will be more collaborative tasks and projects to stay on top of. As communication needs grow, you’ll need tools to make it easy for team members to talk to each other.
Gmail is a great communication tool because in addition to offering one of the best free email services, it also has features like Docs, Calendar, and Drive that your team can use. You may also want to invest in a project management tool like Monday or Asana, and an instant communication tool like Slack. 
Analytics Tools for Monitoring

You need to carefully monitor KPIs as you grow, so choose an analytics tool that will give you the data you need. 

Google Analytics is a good, free program that offers a wealth of metrics and customized reporting. There are many premium programs available as well with even more features. 

You’ll also find analytics tools built into some of your other systems, like your CRM and autoresponder. Leverage these sources of data as well.
Choosing the Right Automation Tools

For each tool you’re considering, take the time to test out a trial version. See how easy it is to use and decide if it’s suitable for the processes you need automated. Read online reviews as well to get an idea of its potential downsides. 

Start using automation tools now to have them in place before you scale. 
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