Start Your Day with Marketing Tasks
If you really want to succeed at something, the best way to avoid problems is to make it a priority and do it first. Think about how you exercise if you are on a weight loss plan. You get up in the morning, and you get it out of the way, so you are successful right at the start of your day. That success carries with you throughout the day, making every choice going forward that much easier to make due to that success you experienced by getting your work out in early. You can do the same with marketing.
It’s so easy to get caught up in busy work, customer service, content creation, bookkeeping, and all sorts of tasks that take you away from the one money-making task you have which is promotion and making offers. The thing is, even if this makes it take longer to create the next product, that’s okay because the most important aspect of having a product is marketing that product if you want to have a successful business. 
Because it’s so easy to get off track and caught up in other things that don’t bring in money right off, start your day with at least one money-making marketing task. Let’s look at a few things you can do first thing that will make a difference in your bottom line.
  • Write & Send Email with CTA – Have you collected any case studies or stories of people using your products or services? If so, post a case study in an email with a CTA for them to get the same solution.
  • Create a Meme with Stats from Your eBook & Share on Social Media with Link to the Book – If you’re selling an eBook, even if you did not write it, you can create a meme using facts as a quote that makes people think. Include a note about the problems this book solves, and you’re golden. 
  • Write & Publish a Blog Post with CTA – Blog posts should always include a CTA, and because of that, you can consider publishing a blog post to be a money-making marketing task as long as the post is promotional. A good post type for this is a product review. 
  • Write & Send One Promotional Email – Your emails can be a one-off email that promotes a sale or something. Look through your affiliate offers to find something you can promote of theirs. 
  • Record One Video & Post to YouTube & Facebook – You can earn in a few ways with Turning your highest rating blog posts into YouTube and FB videos. If these have a CTA to buy something, it will really pay off. 
  • Go Live on Facebook & Post CTA in Comments – One fun thing you can do is anytime you have something to promote is that you can go live on your business pages and in your groups. Excited about a product or service of yours or someone else’s? This will show that excitement.
  • Turn Your Meme into a Boosted Post -- Once you have let the meme go for a bit, if it’s getting good results already, go ahead and boost it for a few bucks.
  • Turn your Video into an Advertisement on Facebook & Google – Take an entire video or cut of another video to make it into an advertisement on both Facebook and Google ads. If appropriate, you can also promote on YouTube.
Keep in mind if you have already created the content, doing these marketing tasks in the morning will be fast and simple. You can also hire someone to help. A content marketing manager may handle collecting content from your writers (or theirs), editing, and posting it in the right spots with an amazing CTA so that you don’t have to do it. 
The more you can get help, the easier marketing will become because you can automate most things once you start outsourcing. Because you are putting your marketing tasks first, you’re going to be able to outsource a lot sooner than most. 


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