Do You Have This Essential Skill for Scaling Your Business?
There are many skills you need to have in order to scale your business. But there’s one simple soft skill that’s an absolute must for business owners getting ready to scale: you need to be armed with unshakeable confidence.

Most of us suffer from some measure of lack of confidence. This is only natural. But as your business grows, you’ll face many challenges. You need unbreakable confidence to face these challenges and overcome them with flying colors. 
Confidence is a State of Mind

When you’re not feeling confident, it’s easy to look at others and imagine confidence is just some innate quality they have that you don’t. However, nobody is born with more confidence than others. It’s a mindset that anyone can cultivate. 
Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Confidence is a habit. Learn to use it well, and you can pull it out whenever you need it. 
One way to cultivate the habit of confidence is to purposely put yourself in uncomfortable situations. Force yourself out of your comfort zone. You’ll find that whatever failure you’re fearing isn’t so bad after all. 
Be More Prepared

One way to boost confidence is to make sure you’re prepared, and then prepare some more.
Imagine going into a meeting where you’ve thoroughly gone through the issues to be discussed so many times that you can recite the details at a second’s notice. It would almost be hard NOT to feel confident.
Prepare well for what’s ahead. Anticipate anything unexpected that could happen or questions you might be asked and make sure you feel comfortable with your answers. 
Know Your Triggers

What situations hurt your confidence most? Which do you feel most nervous about? 
If you can identify the triggers that make you lose your confidence, you can prepare even more for these. It’ll help to show you what areas you should focus on improving. 
Dress for Confidence

How does it make you feel when you dress well? How we present ourselves has a powerful impact on how we feel. Your clothes, grooming, hygiene, and posture can give you more confidence. 
Exactly what this means will depend on your individual situation and preferences, but try to identify the elements that make you feel most confident and use those regularly.
Find Confidence Role Models

Who do you see as confident? Who makes you wish you were as confident as they are?
Find a few confidence role models and ask yourself why you see them this way. Are there any ideas you could steal from them? Try to copy some of their habits and see if they work for you as well. 
Reduce Your Stress

Keep your stress under control. Stress can trigger issues with how we feel about ourselves. Confidence means not letting stress get to you.

Practice good lifestyle habits like sleeping enough, eating well, and getting some exercise. Learn some stress reduction techniques like meditation or affirmations that you can use when you need them.
Collect Your Successes

As you go about getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things, keep track of your successes. You’ll get feedback from your actions. As you recount your successes, you’ll create a positive feedback loop for getting more confident

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