Asking for Help
“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” -Steve Jobs
Asking for help is difficult for some people. You may feel you’re not good enough, if you ask for help. You might think you’re bothering someone. You know you can’t and shouldn’t do everything yourself. You may feel you’re losing control when you ask for help. By asking for help, you may feel you are admitting you have a weakness and are a failure.
In reality, asking for help makes us stronger. It frees up our time and builds resources that we can use again. Others are in business to serve, ready to help with what you need.
Asking for help and building a team alleviates many of the overwhelming feelings of every day life. The trick is to know when you are overwhelmed and should ask for help. 
First, understand why you’re overwhelmed. Did you take on too many projects at work? Is your calendar filled with places and events you must (think you must) do? Are things piling up at home? 
Do projects in your business get put on the back burner or worse yet do you miss deadlines? Are you working long hours but not producing and getting closer to your goals?
Next, take inventory on what you do, need to do and want to get accomplished toward your goals. Decide what is a priority and what only you can do. The find ways to get help with the rest. Barter, trade, collaborate, outsource, or just ASK.
It can be intimidating when you first ask for help. You’re not sure how to ask, what you want someone to do or who you should ask. 
Asking for help in your business can make you feel like a failure. You don’t want to give up your authority or control. However, when you’re productivity falls short and you’re not achieving your goals; t’s time to get help however, before you can do that you need to know what you need help with and who to ask.
Who to ask for help:
  • Virtual assistants may handle:
    • Email management
    • Scheduling and travel arrangements
    • Customer service  
    • Content formatting
    • Metrics management
    • Social media management
    • Coordinating and implementing webinars and events
    • Content marketing and submission
    • Content creation and proofing
    • General office duties or management 
  • A designer helps create :
    • Branding packages including logo
    • Headers
    • Blog themes
    • Facebook pages
    • Graphics
    • Software or apps
  • Social media managers specialize in social media-related skills:
    • Moderates your groups
    • Uploads posts to your social media platforms
    • Takes care of your Facebook page
    • Sets up social media accounts
    • Creates or implements social media ad plans
  • Marketing consultants work on publicizing and promoting your business with:
    • Press releases
    • Guest interview opportunities
    • Advertising
    • Marketing trends 
  • Project managers coordinate all aspects of a project and help brainstorm fresh ideas
    • Manage your team of contractors. 
    • Keep things running and completed by deadlines
    • Solve problems or offer solutions to problems
    • Take care of non-direct money-making tasks 
    • Help campaigns stay on budget
  • Affiliate managers:
    • Answer tech questions 
    • Makes sure affiliates are paid
    • Puts resources in place
  • Specialists focus on specific skillsets related to:
    1. Topics
    2. Niches
    3. Industries
    4. Platforms
    5. Clients
    6. Content types
    7. Technology types
    8. Business Area strategies, such as SEO or Social Media 
  • Writers’ skills may include:
    • Creating written content in various formats
    • Ghostwriting
    • Proofreading
    • Copywriting or sales copy
    • Editing 
    • Formatting
    • Research
  • Bookkeepers take care of your invoicing, taxes, and other money tasks.
  • App creators may be hired for one-time or ongoing projects such as:
    • Custom widgets
    • Task-performing widgets
    • Games
    • quizzes
Once you know what you need to outsource, you’ll have a better idea of who you need to hire. Most tasks, projects, or needs can be fulfilled by someone else.


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