Review Your Marketing Habits and Routines and Adjust as Needed
Periodically you want to check up on yourself to ensure that you are following the right marketing habits and have created the right routines, processes, and systems that build your business. By reviewing your marketing habits and routines, you can adjust as needed. For most people, the best time to review is right after the launch is over, as well as every quarter. 
Are You Marketing Daily?
When you look back on your marketing habits and routine, do you notice whether you’re participating in some form of marketing each day or not? If you don’t have a habit yet of “always marketing,” it’s time to boost this effort so that you are doing at least three to five marketing actions every morning.
Check Your Customer Demographics
For most people, their customer’s demographics will never change. However, in some cases, even if their demographics remain the same, they change their values or something about them due to outside influences. 
For example, Dove, the soap company, has been around for a very long time. When they first started marketing to people, women were mostly stay at home mothers, got married relatively young, and it was a different world. Today, women’s equality is important, and most women are in the workforce. For this reason, Dove had to change their marketing methods to appeal to the new values of their audience. 
Check Up on Your Competition
Just like you had to study your competition to start your business, you should keep checking up on them to find out what has changed. You may discover something new about your competition that is keeping them either right ahead of you or on your toes. Knowing what it is can help you plan new marketing materials.
Are Your Goals SMART?
You can’t check up on your marketing efforts if your goals aren’t SMART. This means that your goals need to be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. If your goals aren’t meeting that criteria or you’re not reaching the goals that you set, figure out why then make adjustments as needed.
Check Your ROI
What is your ROI for any marketing you are doing? Do you know? You should know what you’re getting when you run a Facebook Advertisement, launch an affiliate contest, or do anything you pay for or spend time on in terms of marketing. Your ROI is more important than your spend. 
Check Your Social Media Accounts & Website
Does your online presence accurately represent your brand? Is your branding consistent throughout? What about your logo and headers and banners – are they representing you in the way that you want them to? 
As you go through each aspect of your marketing, note whether it’s up to par or needs improvements. You may not be able to fix everything right away, but if you make it a habit to check up on at least one aspect of your marketing every month, you may find it easier to stay on top of everything.


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