The Importance of Documenting Your Smart Marketing Habits
Without measuring, tracking, and documenting the results, there is no way to know what is working or not working. Thankfully, today, it’s not that hard to do with the technology available to you for measuring and tracking. But documenting also helps if you ever want to outsource something later. If you have a map that explains precisely what you do when you do it, and how you do it, you can give that over to your contractor and let them follow the directions. 
What Worked & What Did Not Work
If you keep notes on everything you do, you’ll be able to look back on any project and see what was working at the time and what was not working at the time. When you take the time to record your step-by-step processes as well as note the results of each process, next time you want to perform that task, you’ll do it even better. Your documentation will help you realize what to stop doing and what to do more of better than if you tried to remember. 
You’ll Get Faster with Practice
When you work hard to document a process that you go through to complete certain tasks, the more you do it, the faster you’ll get. The fact is when we choose to do something the same way each time, hopefully, the best way, it becomes a habit that goes much faster than if we did it a new way each time. 
You Can Outsource It Easier
Big businesses often have what they call a “standard operating procedures” (SOP) manual. They task each person to document all the processes that they do for every aspect of their job. So, for example, if you have to set up a sales page, you’ll want to document everything step-by-step even down to the smallest checkbox and crossed letter. It might take a few passes to get the steps down correctly. In the process, you may even develop a better method with fewer steps – however you do it, if you are good at this part you can easily hand over an SOP for any task and let someone else do it.
This may seem like extra work at first, but nothing is better than being able to pull out a checklist for any of the tasks you need to do each day so that you can get it done in a timely and organized fashion. When you are more organized, you can end up getting a lot more done than if you are not organized and have no routine. 
Plus, having the checklist and routine that you do each time you do that task recorded and documented makes it easier to work on improving workflow throughout your business. It also puts down on paper everything you do, your contractors do, and so forth, so that you have a better picture of how actions affect things.


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