Create a Master List of Marketing Tasks That Work Well for You in Your Niche
One way to avoid doing too much busy work or tasks that aren’t productive is to create a master list of marketing tasks that work well for you in your niche. That way, when you do have some extra time, you can work on those tasks. 
Think about the fact that if you went to work at a job, they would have systems, processes, and times for doing specific tasks. That’s what you need to have too. When you have this set up, you’re going to experience a boost in income within about 90 days because you are working smartly, building an income by working on tasks that earn money. 
It seems like a no-brainer, but often, we just don’t think about the difference between important money-making marketing tasks and product creation tasks most of the time before we start working each day. But if you set up a system and have this list ready during down times, you’re going to experience a huge difference in your results. 
The marketing tasks that will work for your niche may be different for another niche, but here are a few tasks to get your mind thinking in the right direction as you create your personalized list.
  • Write a Blog Post
  • Create an Instagram Image for a Blog Post
  • Turn Blog Post into a Video
  • Tell Your Email Subscribers About the New Post
  • Upload Meme on Facebook Scheduler
  • Go Live on Facebook to Promote One Thing
  • Share Recorded Video to Other Social Platforms
  • Upload Live Video to YouTube
  • Reply to Comments on Social Media (Choose one Platform)
  • Review Stats
  • Check Email & Respond to 3 Emails
  • Ask a Question to Start a Discussion in Your Groups
  • Follow Five New Accounts on One Social Platform
  • Review Email Opt-in Rates
  • Review Email Open Rates
  • Check Your Facebook Ads for ROI
  • Transcribe Live Video
  • Pitch Yourself to Speak at Events Online & Off
  • Review Follower Stats
  • Update SEO on 3 Old Blog Posts
  • Send an Affiliate Offer to Email Subscribers
  • Start a Contest for Affiliates
  • Segment Your Email List
You should, of course, add to this list and create your own list. Anything you know that is a marketing task or related to marketing in some way, add to the list. Put the most important money-making tasks, like making offers, at the top. 
Anytime you are not sure what to do for your business, look at the list and do something on that list. You want to try to make a money-making offer to your audience at least once a day in order to maximize your income. When you make more money, you will have more freedom because you’ll be able to outsource and delegate even more tasks until you are truly the real manager of your business.


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