Strategies for Success
Not quite ready for an OBM in your business? No problem! 
90-minute strategy session

Planning session and in-depth discussion to understand the goals and your vision of success.
Business Roadmap 

90-day business roadmap and plan with actionable steps.

Access to Resources

3-month access to templates and monthly 60-minute meetings for follow-up on implementation.
Get me on-demand in your business for 90 minutes, where you can pick my brains and get my expert advice on: 

  • streamlining your operations
  • developing your backend office
  • building your dream team
  • and mastering your marketing! 
After our session, I will map out how to execute your to-dos over the next 90 days in your project management tool! 

You will also get access to my tried and tested strategies and frameworks and receive any relevant documentation that will support the execution of our session!

Schedule your strategy session today!

$1,495 for 90 min strategy session, 3 months access to templates, and three 60-minute meetings for follow-up for on implementing your personalized strategy. 

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