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You thought by the time you got to this point, you would have success, but now that you are here, you have found that you own a job instead of having freedom.

With the right strategies, it's all possible to have the business and freedom you started out to achieve.


I have felt the struggle of trying to push past the six-figure mark.  It left me feeling worn out and wanting to quit.

I was working more than I wanted to.  My business was built around the desire for time freedom 
– but I didn’t feel free...

It took a year of searching, trying, testing, spending, and laboring to distill what it takes to implement a strategy that not only brought me freedom and joy but allowed me to break through my glass ceiling and finally grow…

Now I help my clients push through their glass ceilings to achieve what they want: 
  • predictable profits
  • having the right people on their team
  • and the systems in place that will bring them peace instead of constant motion.  
Ready to see how we can take your business to the next level?

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Hi, I'm Jen...
I am a coach and consultant that helps businesses implement operational and financial strategies that drive their success.  I also offer custom business dashboards and high-end OBM/COO services.

I have spent 20+ years partnering with businesses and online entrepreneurs looking to leverage their time to increase their income by creating a more effective way of doing business that saves hours of extra work and $$$.

Having your own business isn't easy, but you love what you do and the freedom it could provide.

Now that you've been around for a while, you aren't facing the same challenges you did when you were just starting out, but rather you're facing new challenges, like...

… It's clear you are working way too hard and are unsure how to shift it.
… You know you should delegate more, but can't figure out what to delegate or who to hire.
… As your team grows, you'll need to be more effective at managing and leading them.
… It feels almost impossible to work less while earning more or grow your business while working less.
...You want to get out of the day-to-day operations of your business.
… to name a few...

You want one-on-one, personalized support to work through the next set of leadership, people management, and time management challenges you’re facing in your business.

You are looking for alignment in every part of your business.

You are looking for....
Welcome to profitable, peaceful, and productive. 

Finally create a business that gives you that while you continue to grow.  

With Aligned for Success we will create a data-driven strategy that you can use to reclaim your business while creating peace of mind.  I will help you take control of your finances and put systems in place that will drive your success. 

  • Optimize Your Business - Aligned for Success gives you access to customized business optimization tools that make your work more efficient, save time and money, and help your business achieve maximum growth.
  • Gain Deeper Insight - Get insight into what is and is not working with our fully aligned business assessment and optimization report. See where your gaps are and how to bridge them.
  • Stay in Control - With CEO check-ins and unlimited support within business hours, you'll have the necessary support and resources to stay on track.
Let's Get Started today!
Client Success Stories

Let's Get Started today!
Please reach out to me at jen@jenwyattmba.com if you have any questions.
Who I work with clients who are: 
  • motivated, driven, and determined to create what they dream of—without burning out
  • value freedom and flexibility
  • want to make a contribution with their work without sacrificing their well-being
  • are self-directed, showing up with clear questions and issues to work through
  • are self-accountable, following through on things discussed 
  • take personal responsibility for their actions and non-actions in business and in life
I primarily work with six-figure business owners, I occasionally make exceptions when it feels like the right fit. If you think we might be a fit to work together, contact me and we’ll talk it out. 
6 months - $7,500 or 12 months for $12,995 with a deposit of $997
-- Payment plans are available

Refund Policy
Within 30 days, if you are not satisfied with the service you are receiving, we will come to an agreement based on the number of services you have received.

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