Stand out and spend less time attracting the ‘RIGHT’ audience. Join the challenge NOW for free. 

Are you a business owner who want to get off the social media hamster wheel and wants to:

  • Spend less time creating posts 
  • Find what really works to bring clients in
  • And explore the hundreds of ways to market your business?
Introducing the 5-day Marketing for Success Challenge...
Starting Monday, January 30th, 2023
If you're a motivated, driven, and determined entrepreneur who is passionate about creating the business you dream of—without burning out and you are open to finding new ways to reach your ideal client without sacrificing your time and resources. 

Then this challenge is for you!

Hi, my name is Jen Wyatt
I believe that being successful doesn't require you to be everywhere or follow all the rules. 
You can achieve sustainable success on your terms.

I also believe that Social Media is just one of the hundreds of ways to market your business.  

First off, I am not anti-social media. I am passionate about helping business owners see that it’s not the only way to promote their business, get their name out there, and find clients.  Many of my clients and colleagues are frustrated by the changes in the platforms and feel like they are getting nowhere while spending tons of time doing it.  The endless posts, DM, and Like strategies only get you so far.  

It’s time to stand out and use the marketing tactics businesses have used for years (SM is only around ten years old).
Diversify your marketing and sales makes your business less risky!  I also believe that there are five marketing myths you can ignore.

Myth #1: Small Businesses Needn't Waste Time (or Money) on Marketing

Myth #2: Posting on Social Media is a Marketing Plan

Myth #3: No one opens emails from companies anymore

Myth #4: You don’t need a marketing plan

Myth #5: You must dedicate lots of time to brainstorming new marketing strategies.

This free challenge will help you break through these myths.


Day 1
Discover how you market best!

Day 2
Uncover all the different marketing avenues that are available!

Day 3
Identify what makes your business unique!


Day 4
Bring all you have explored into a realistic and actionable plan!

Day 5
Understanding your success metrics - Data that drives your dollars!

Special training, recorded sessions, bonuses, and more!

Stand out and spend less time attracting the ‘RIGHT’ audience.  Join the challenge NOW for free.