Combining Smart Marketing Habits into a Solid Launch Routine
Developing smart marketing habits is also going to help you with every launch you have. If you’re not sure, a launch refers to the first time you open your newest product for sale. It’s often referred to as a product launch. In many ways, the entire launch process is all part of the marketing process because the launch process ensures that you are using smart marketing techniques to get the word out about your newest product or service. 
Routines Are Habits for Success
Your launches can become extremely successful if you create a solid launch routine based on smart marketing habits. It can help to make a checklist of all the things you need to do during any product launch so that you don’t miss steps. Keep in mind that you can change this as you go but having a master list of actions you take during a launch as it relates to marketing will pay off by boosting your bottom line.
For example, if you know that every time you create a blog post, you’re also going to make several social media images, and several blurbs, repurpose the blog to create a YouTube video or Podcast, and broadcast the blog post to your email list, then doing all of that is going to turn it all into a habit. When you have a habit, you can’t stop doing it. This is a habit that will pay off. Having a routine keeps you from missing steps.
Your Audience Matters
Your routine will depend on the research you’ve done into your audience. That is going to inform you about what social media platforms you need to post blurbs and memes on so that you ensure your audience sees your content. If you make a checklist for each action you do, the process will be a lot more memorable and easier to accomplish.
The Four P’s of Marketing
As you develop your routine, ensure that you cover all four P’s of Marketing: product, price, place, and promotion. When you understand your product, the distribution channels you’re going to use to get the word out, and how you’ll promote your products each time, you won’t miss anything. What’s more, each time you launch, your process is going to improve because you can change things as you gather the data relevant to each launch. When you see that something does not work for your audience, toss it out. When you see that something works good for your audience, do more of it.
One of the most important things you can ever do for your business is to develop routines surrounding the work you have to do. Systems and processes can make up for lack of manpower and even knowledge. It’s all about following the steps, developing good habits, and realizing you do not have to reinvent the wheel until you get to the end. When you do that, you will succeed in marketing and launching.


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