Marketing Your Next Offer on the Download Page and Inside the Product
Once you have a customer, it’s important to understand that selling to that customer again is a lot easier than getting a brand-new customer. Because of this, finding ways to present new offers to current customers is a better way to boost your income than trying to find new customers. However, you should do both, but don’t leave money on the table by not promoting to people who are already your customers. There are many ways you can do this. Let’s look at a few:
  • Download Page / Thank You Page – These two pages (often the same page) are the most overlooked pages for making additional offers and sales. Pointing out on these pages another product they can buy at a discount if they do it now is an excellent way to make more sales.
  • Inside the Product – Whenever you create a digital product, consider future sales from satisfied customers by including a resource page in the product. Put the resource page in more than one spot. Put it at the front and the middle and the end and point it out to the customer too. Because if you like this product, you’re going to like these too.
  • Remarket / Retarget Customers – A fun way to market something new to your customers is to use the remarketing and retargeting capabilities of ads today. You only need to install a pixel (don’t worry, it’s simple) on your website and then anyone who has bought from you or visited your site before will be delivered the ads. You can literally create a video that says “Hey Thanks for Your Purchase! I hope you love it like I do. I wanted to tell you about this new product because I know how much you love product B.” That will get their attention.
  • Offer More Nurturing Emails – Most people switch business due to poor customer service not cost - even in an era when consumers are very price conscious. Once they buy from you, don’t stop sending emails. They should be segmented based on their first purchase, and you should have a plan in place with automation to market to them the next item on your list.
  • Send a Coupon Incentive – Sending a message with a coupon code to buy your newest products is also a good way to get the attention of your customers. So many businesses only give discounts to new people and not their old customers, and this is a mistake. People are very cost conscious now. If you want them to stick with you, give them a reason to.
  • Give Them the First Look – Have you created a new product or found a new product that will resonate with people who bought product B from you? If so, you can promote to them this product feeling good because you know that they have that specific issue due to their former purchase. Tell them they’re special, they’re getting the Beta product for a discount due to their other purchase, and then ask for feedback. 
  • Ensure the Offer Adds Value – The new offer you make to your customer should be complementary to the first but not required to make the first thing they bought work. For example, if you sold them a Diet Book about a specific new diet, you could use the pages of that book or the download page (or both) to make an offer for a new app to help them stick to their diet.
It’s easier to sell something else to someone who’s already bought from you. By promoting to customers, you will increase your profit margin exponentially. Be sure to make it something helpful and complementary so that it adds value to your initial offer and their initial purchase.


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