Are You Split Testing Your Sales Pages?
When people start getting involved with online sales, a sales page is one of the first things they make for their product. If you are making your own sales pages for your products (or hiring someone), it’s imperative to split test, or test one page against another, to find out what works the best. 
Split testing a sales page is pretty simple with the technology you have available to you today. You don’t even need special landing page software to do it, but there is no mistaking that it does help tremendously by automating some of that process. 
What is split testing?
If you don’t know what split, testing is, let me catch you up on this idea. A split test is simply testing two almost equal things against each other. So, for a sales page, you might create what you think is the best but then duplicate it and change only one thing you want to test to see which one works best. That might be changing the headline, the font, a color, an image, or something else. Regardless, it’s only one small thing. 
How to split test?
You run your campaign like normal for a week or two using your system; whether that is something like Leadpages or Google AdSense tools, the concept is the same. You can also set up two pages to test on your site, duplicate an advertisement on Facebook, and promote each sales page equally on Facebook Ads to see which works best.
Getting Started
First, create your most amazing sales page without even thinking about split testing. Create amazing headlines, and consider the colors, fonts, and all factors of the sales page from what you know about your audience and your products or services. 
Perfect It
After you believe you’ve perfected the page, you may want to find a checklist of items you can include in an effective sales page. Consider which ideas you have not included that you might want to change. 
Duplicate It & Update It
Now duplicate the sales page, so it’s identical to the first one. Once you’ve decided what to change for the duplicate, update it. Then you’ll want to load them both into your system so that you can run the split test. 
It’s important to know what your goals are for your sales page. Since it’s a sales page, you want purchases that do not get returned. With that in mind, you can quickly determine which sales page worked best. It’s the sales page that made the most sales. Don’t get mixed up by traffic and hits. The most sales wins this split test. 
You can keep changing and testing one another if you want to make more changes or try out more changes that might boost sales. The great thing about testing your sales pages is that you will make money during the test. It might even pay for itself. 


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